Sam Bowen is a photographer based in London, UK with a passion for photographing people.

Sam discovered a true passion for photography when he bought his first camera and he was determined to understand as much about the craft as possible. Having worked in PR, in crisis comms and as a journalist for over 20 years and with a significant interest in people and the lives they lead, Sam has a natural understanding of how best to communicate at varying times in life. He is also fascinated by how a single image can speak volumes.

In 2006, he set out to assist and learn from various photographers. Among them was celebrity portrait photographer, Jason Bell who he assisted on photoshoots for Vanity Fair, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Warner Bros, Sport Relief, The Royal Opera House and more. Over the last ten years, Sam has worked with clients including UBS Wealth Management, UBS Investment Bank, London Symphony Orchestra, The Borne charity, American Express, Telegraph Group, Arts For Life and The British Fashion Council.

With people and portraiture as his primary focus, Sam's interest in strong tonal contrasts between light and dark as well as the innate absurdism of the everyday has begun to impact his current work. Whether he’s working for clients or on his own personal projects, Sam's commitment to making great photographs is relentless.